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Basic working principle of bolt electric heater
Publisher: Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

The main products of electric heaters are: electric oil heater electric heaters, explosion-proof heat oil heaters, thermal oil tanks, electric heaters, air electric heaters, circulating air heaters, heaters, pipeline electric heaters, and agitators , Stainless steel mixing tank, stainless steel electric heating tube, pipe heater, reaction kettle electric heater, far infrared electric heating material, track heater, oven, drying box, electric heating belt, electric heating film, resistance wire, electric heating rod, electric Heating coil, electric heating plate, flange type electric heater, PTC electric heating material, semiconductor heating element, quartz heating tube, thermocouple, thermostat, temperature meter.
Electric heater is a kind of electric heating element with electricity as new energy. Because of its good quality, small size, inexpensive price, convenient installation and long service life, it is welcomed by consumers. The internal high-temperature voltage system of the electric heater is composed of a metal tube. When the internal high-temperature voltage is working in the electric heater, the central axial electric heater in the internal system transmits high-temperature cycle heating to make it obtain maximum heating efficiency during work.

Relevant electric heater technicians have discovered in the development of electric heater products that the internal high temperature circulation system of the electric heater has good insulation and thermal conductivity of magnesium aluminum oxide. The electric heater research team explained that this metal armored electric heating element is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric heater that can heat all high-temperature media, and this electric heater product has an excellent heating effect at work.

The outer part of the electric heating coil inside the electric heater is a metal plate (stainless steel, copper plate), which heats from the center axis to the alloy wire. The mica soft plate has good thermal conductivity as an insulating material. For example, there are electric kettles, crawler heaters, and rice cookers in our lives.

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