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Introducing various classifications of bolt electric heaters
Publisher: Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Release time: 2016-5-27 19:49:12 Clicks: 2485Close

Bolt electric heaters are commonly used electric heating devices. It is small in size, high in heating power and widely used, and people are increasingly inseparable from it. Let me introduce the heater in detail for you to understand and choose correctly:
Depending on the material, there are ceramic bolt electric heaters and stainless steel bolt electric heaters.
The outer shell of the ceramic heater is stainless steel, and the heat-resistant ceramic is added to the inner heating resistance wire. The advantage of this is that the ceramic can prevent corrosion, and the heater heats up fast, the efficiency is high, and it does not pollute the environment during use. Ceramic bolt electric heater is not only harmless to the human body, but also good for the human body. It is a rare device.
The high-temperature resistance wires are evenly distributed inside the stainless steel heater. In the structure without filling, the magnesium oxide powder in the crystalline state is filled. When the current passes through the resistance wire, the crystalline magnesium oxide powder floats away when heated. At this time, it is in a high temperature state, and when it reaches the adherend, it sends heat to achieve the purpose of heating.
In addition, there are casting bolt electric heaters, braided heaters and so on. The former is heated in solutions such as copper and aluminum. It has a close industrial connection and is generally not widely used. Here I will take it for everyone. The latter uses multi-stranded resistance wire winding, which is combined with the fibrous body to generate heat. It has little connection with ordinary people, and it will not be repeated here.
Bolt electric heaters are electrical-related devices. If they are not used properly, they will easily cause adverse consequences, so I have listed some heater use matters for everyone:
First use in an adapted environment, try to avoid high temperature, humid, corrosive environment.
Secondly, it is in the power and rated current and voltage of the heater to prevent its overload from causing a fire.
The effective heating element of the bolt electric heater must be completely immersed in the heated object to prevent its dry burning.
Care should be taken when heating a special substance, and the characteristics of the substance must be fully understood.
Avoid leaving personnel while heating.
The wiring part of the bolt electric heater should also be protected from exposure to air.
The bolt electric heater should be placed in a dry and non-corrosive environment when not in use.

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