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Eight ministries rigorously rectify cable theft
Publisher: Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Release time: 2016-5-27 19:49:12 Hits: 1989Close
On June 13, news from the Ministry of Information Industry stated that eight ministries and commissions have jointly held a teleconference recently, announcing that from June to December, a nationwide crackdown on theft and destruction of electricity, telecommunications, radio and television facilities will be launched. Special struggle. Although this rectification is mainly aimed at criminal offenses of ordinary criminals, it also means that the incident of cutting cables between operators will also end.

Serious cable theft problem

Jiang Yaoping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Information Industry, pointed out that the current situation of protecting the security of telecommunications facilities is very grim. According to preliminary statistics, 53,000 cases of theft of telecommunications facilities in 2005 caused direct economic losses of nearly 430 million yuan; nearly 190,000 cases occurred in 2006, and direct economic losses amounted to 1.35 billion yuan; the number of cases in the first quarter of this year is still There has been a sharp increase. China Telecom's communications facilities alone were damaged by 32,000 theft, which was 2.6 times the same period last year.

It is reported that in December 2005, a case of theft of a telecommunication first-level trunk optical cable occurred in Jinan, Shandong. The case was extremely bad, not only causing direct economic losses of more than 35 million yuan, but also seriously affecting military communications, television signal transmission, and Internet communications. Indirect losses are inestimable.

To this end, the aforementioned eight ministries and commissions will jointly launch a special fight against the destruction of the “three power” facilities.

Cutting cables between operators will also end

Although the above statement is mainly aimed at criminal offenses of ordinary criminals, it actually means that "cutting cables" between operators will also be severely punished.

Prior to this, incidents of cable cuts between operators occurred frequently. In 2002, in order to compete for hundreds of telephone users in the 18th Bureau of China Railway, the former Tangshan Telecom waved the Tietong cable three times, although the original Tangshan Telecom's phone number in Tangshan reached 1.6 million, while Tangshan Tietong only had about 10,000.

On April 12, 2002, Suining Telecom's employees cut off the deployment of only 12 hours of Unicom 600 pairs of cables due to irregular laying of communication cables for the first local telephone group user developed by Suining Unicom, which affected its safety in production. Communication was interrupted for more than 7 hours. The incident caused a huge sensation at the time.

However, in recent years, the problem has improved significantly. In February this year, when China Telecom and China Netcom signed the North-South Armistice Agreement, they mutually promised that "it is strictly forbidden to modify, relocate, and dismantle the other party's communication lines and facilities; they shall not resolve disputes by inciting users or agents to appeal to the government". In this way, the vicious incidents such as "cutting cables" that have repeatedly occurred between the two sides are expected to be resolved, which is beneficial to the telecommunications industry's interconnectivity issues.
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