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Bolt heating rods and gasification plates are the main products of Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. With many years of rich experience in the production of bolt heating rods and electric bolt heaters, their credibility and performance have won the trust of many well-known enterprises. Welcome to inquire, sales hotline: 0511 -88224026.

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Main technical parameters of gasification plate [2016-5-27]
A perforated plate is a high-strength gasification plate developed by our plant based on the characteristics of the dry ash warehouse of the power plant [2016-5-27]
Basic working principle of bolt electric heater [2016-5-27]
Introducing various classifications of bolt electric heaters [2016-5-27]
Comparative analysis of the characteristics, performance and technical parameters of gasification plates and gasification tanks [2016-5-27]
Possibility, effectiveness, how to implement the relevant technical scheme of the ash storage gasification board project [2016-5-27]
ABB strengthens R & D cooperation with Chinese universities in the field of power and automation [2016-5-27]
Eight ministries rigorously rectify cable theft [2016-5-27]
Illegal acquisition of waste cable three hands under investigation [2016-5-27]
Sha Zukang walked into "Cable City" "I have three points of advice when starting a business abroad" [2016-5-27]
Ocean Cable-Become an industry leader [2016-5-27]
Theft of communication cables with losses exceeding ten million yuan continues to increase [2016-5-27]
Jiangsu Yixing Forms Wire and Cable Industry Association [2016-5-27]
China's first imported high-speed cross-linked cable production line put into operation [2016-5-27]
Standardization accelerates construction of Heilongjiang power grid [2016-5-27]
The world's largest optical submarine cable laying project [2016-5-27]
Zhongtian Hitachi Radio Frequency Cable Obtained "Passport" for Export [2016-5-27]
Jordan's National Cable & Wire Manufacturing Company has a Good 2006 [2016-5-27]
$ 17.9 billion to build the world's largest and highest voltage UHV DC transmission line [2016-5-27]
Communication cable theft: 3,532 cases reported in 4 months [2016-5-27]
Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. website officially opened [2016-5-27]
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