Hello! Welcome to the website of Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. ! The company's main business: gasification board , bolt electric heater is today:

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Bolt heating rods and gasification plates are the main products of Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. With many years of rich experience in the production of bolt heating rods and electric bolt heaters, their credibility and performance have won the trust of many well-known enterprises. Welcome to inquire, sales hotline: 0511 -88224026.
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Company Profile

The company is located in the country famous National Ecological Demonstration Zone and Water Garden City ---- Yangzhong City. It is a designated enterprise for the production of auxiliary equipment for power plants of the former Ministry of Electric Power. In March 1998, it passed the ISO9001 quality certification of Beijing Nine Thousand Standards Quality Certification Center and issued CNACR and UKAS certificates. In 2004, it was identified as a high-tech enterprise.

、母线槽、焊接热处理设备、 螺栓电加热器 、火电发电厂汽轮机螺栓加热棒 、除灰系统用空气电加热器、除尘器灰斗板式加热器、气化装置、汽轮机快速冷却装置等。 Our company's main products are: bolt heating rods , cable trays, gasification boards , bus ducts, welding heat treatment equipment, bolt electric heaters , bolt heating rods for steam turbines of thermal power plants, electric air heaters for ash removal systems, and dust collector ash buckets. Plate heater, gasification device, rapid cooling device for steam turbine, etc. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy and chemical industry, mine transportation and water conservancy, high-rise buildings and other fields, it is welcomed by customers.

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