Hello! Welcome to the website of Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. ! The company's main business: gasification board , bolt electric heater is today:

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Bolt heating rods and gasification plates are the main products of Zhenjiang Shuangneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. With many years of rich experience in the production of bolt heating rods and electric bolt heaters, their credibility and performance have won the trust of many well-known enterprises. Welcome to inquire, sales hotline: 0511 -88224026.

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Company Profile

Our company's main products are: cable trays, bus ducts, heat treatment equipment, gasification devices, electric air heaters, etc. It is widely used in various fields such as electric power, metallurgy and chemical industry, mine transportation and water conservancy, high-rise buildings, etc., and is welcomed by customers.

The cable tray products produced by our company are: trough type, tray type, step type, combined type and large span type, steel bridge and organic flame retardant, inorganic fire series bridges, surface treatment is divided into galvanized, plastic sprayed , Passivation, hot dip galvanizing, galvanized nickel alloy, etc. The design department and the user unit can select the type of product and its surface treatment according to the specific use site and environment.

The busway products produced by our company have been tested by Shanghai Scientific Research Institute and National Electrical Control Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and their performances fully meet the standard requirements.

    The company has a high-quality design team and a complete quality assurance system, equipped with X-ray flaw detectors, metallographic inspection equipment and mechanical performance testing, chemical analysis of raw materials, air tightness and pressure test equipment, etc Product testing methods, strict management organization, sound rules and regulations. 好评。 In the previous product random inspections conducted by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Agency, they were all well received. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification at one time. For many years, the company has adhered to the full staff input, scientific management and satisfaction efforts, with good quality, punctual delivery, reasonable prices, and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service And won the trust of customers.

"Pursuing the maximization of customer satisfaction" is the quality policy of the enterprise. The development of the enterprise has been concerned and supported by the majority of users, design departments and scientific research institutions. We will, as always, cooperate with customers with excellent management, high-quality products and excellent service.

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