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Far infrared heating device
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BYF-MP type far-infrared heating device for coiled tubing: This type of heating device is a form of internal and external clamping and directional radiation heating of coiled coiled tubing. Its purpose is to rapidly heat fluid materials to achieve the effect of low temperature in and high temperature. The temperature difference is easy to control, the equipment is safe and reliable, and it is the ideal rapid heating method for fluids.


1 Auxiliary coil heating device This structure is used to heat gas and liquid. The heating form has the advantages of fast heating speed, accurate temperature control, safe and reliable equipment, easy operation and long service life. It is suitable for continuous heating of gas and liquid in chemical industry .

2. The power of the heating device is calculated and designed according to the required temperature of the user's material, the temperature difference between the inlet and the outlet, the flow rate, and the specific heat of the material.

3 The diameter and length of the coil are designed according to the heat required by the material technology to design the corresponding heat exchange area.

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