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Far infrared heating device
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BTF-M-1 far-infrared heating device. The heater is directly placed on the reactor, and the outer wall of the reactor is radiantly heated. In addition to the electrical control part, the heater can be grouped and heated in multiple areas, replacing the previous steam heating. Oil heating, direct fire heating, etc. The heating device has a reasonable design structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and maintenance, fast heating speed, uniform radiation temperature, no noise during operation, no pollution to the environment, significant energy saving effects, and adapts to flammable and explosive It is the most ideal high temperature heating equipment for use at the place.

1. Fixed flange 2. Connection flange 3. Far-infrared radiant heating zone 4. Terminal post 5. Junction box 6. Aluminum silicate insulation layer 7. Insulated mica board 8. Heater metal shell 9. User reaction kettle Explosion-proof seal 11. Far-infrared upper temperature probe 12. Far-infrared lower temperature probe 13. Nameplate 14. Reaction kettle lug 15. Triangular reinforced plate 16. Flange connection bolt

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